Skall letter No. 8

Bea, pure beauty 

Dear friends,

The new year has started and what better time to take a moment and do something good for ourselves. The cold and dark winter months can be tough on your body and mind, and while we wait for brighter springdays, we turn to the women who inspire us to take good care of our selves.

Through tall windows the sun is shining into a beautiful apartment situated on the mundane Østerbro. This is the home of Bea Fagerholt, her partner Taus and their 1.5 year old son Frank. We step into the large apartment and further into the dining room where Bea has delicately set the table for a cup of tea and a croissant. Bea is a person that we hold very dear to our hearts and we always enjoy spending time in her company and her beautiful home. She has recently launched the new international site, To the Moon, Honey with her friend and businesspartner Liv Winther. On the site you can find interviews with interesting personalities talking about motherhood, pregnancies and articles focusing on current matters. 

Bea has such a beautiful aura to her, that follows wherever she goes. Her mild expression and strong personality really shows once you get to know her. Her characteristics are the always flawless and glowing skin, hair and nails since personal care is very important to her. She radiates beauty and health and with her feminine and modern style she wears her favorite styles from Skall studio. 

She has a busy everyday schedule as a mother to Frank and running a website, and she knows the importance of remembering to take care of herself too. She often enjoys a warm bath in the evening with a length of 10-40 minutes depending on her time. A good nights sleep is also very important for Bea and something she values a lot.

She always makes sure to give her skin the best treatment that consists of Kjær Weis “The Body Olie” and Karmameju “BUFF Natural Body Brush” which she takes time to apply in the beautiful original bathroom, which is a room Bea loves. In the bathroom she can open a door to a small balcony from where a lot of light can enter the room. 

“The bathroom is my favorite room in our apartment. Our apartment has belonged to my grandmother and I remember as kids we would always take baths in her bathtub. Later she had it removed to install a shower. So when we bought the apartment I knew that we had to reinstall a bathtub. I love taking baths in the evenings and I often bring my iPad. We don’t have room for both a shower and a bathtub, so to begin with Taus was very much against the idea, but now he’s convinced.”

Bea treasures and always takes good care of the family’s garments. She irons all of their clothes and enjoys to do so.

“I think it is in our genes. My mother has always ironed all of our clothes and I remember how she stood there in the evening ironing and talking on the phone. So she used it to unwind while at the same time getting some housework done. For me it started when I had Frank and also a big Tefal iron that really makes it a lot easier and faster so you can iron your shirts as if they were at the dry cleaners. I just really enjoy to do it and your clothes just turns out so much nicer. I always iron our bedsheets, because thats just the biggest luxury to lay down in ironed and clean bedsheets.”

Being in the same room as Bea makes you feel comfortable and it reminds you to take good care of yourself and try to do all of the little things that brings luxury into the everyday life.

Julie & Marie Skall