Skall Christmas Card No. 4

Julie & Marie Skall - Christmas greetings from the Skall sisters

December is our favourite time a year as it is a month full of surprises. From handwritten Christmas cards in the mailbox and cute handmade December gifts from our children to spontaneous family gatherings. We love these rather spontaneous gatherings where the children can play, while we. enjoy a cup of tea and perhaps also our mother’s homemade vanilla wreaths.

As we are not into coffee, tea means a lot to us, and this time a year gives us occasion for testing new different teas. When you dig into tea, a new world unfolds and during Christmas holidays we will probably spend some quiet hours reading about the world of tea.

December is a month where we slow down and try not to make too many plans. Especially during Christmas holidays. Time is the most precious we have and when you have time, you suddenly start to notice and appreciate all the small things around you. We want to cherish that.

This last month of the year also gives us occasion for summing up the year that went by. And we feel grateful. Not at least for all your support. We could not have done it without you – our customers, employees and families.

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and hope you will take some time to slow down during Christmas holidays and discover all those small magical every-day moments that life has to offer.

Love Julie & Marie Skall

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