Skall letter No. 12

Lynggaard sisters, love

Dear friends,

This letter we have created with the intention of showing you the magic of having a sister by your side. We grew up in the northern part of Jutland, close by the sea and with the wide blue sky above. We had the quiet atmosphere for contemplation and the time for things to affect our minds. We had each other, sisters, in a safe and loving home where we learned to appreciate each other and our surroundings with beautiful nature and animals. To have a sister by your side through your childhood, gives endless safety and comfort, a relationship so strong that it felt like something was missing if we were not together. Our thoughts and minds are so in sync and we often find ourselves finishing each other’s sentences. We have a language where a simple look will tell everything. We shared a childhood and our teenage years. Now as adults we both have family and children, we share a company and our bond has never been stronger and we feel closer than ever.

With sisterhood on our minds it is our pleasure to show you the Lynggaard sisters, Sofia and Laura dressed in Skall studio. Talking to those sweet sisters evokes many memories from our own youth. Sofia and Laura are inseparable, brave and creative young minds with a beautiful way to see the world around them.

They have taken sustainability into their lives as the most natural thing and they have a huge respect for the elder generation. The sisters have open and loving minds which makes them embrace everything they meet on their way. Their knowledge and curiosity is endless, and they dream of following the same path, as the new generation in the family company Ole Lynggard. Sofia and Lauras granddad founded the jewelry company Ole Lynggard in 1963 and it is with great respect and honor that the girls find the interest in being a part of the company.

Sofia (22) and Laura (21) live together in an apartment in the top of a historical building in the center of Copenhagen with a beautiful view overlooking the King’s Garden and Rosenborg Castle. Here they share everyday life when they are not travelling the world. They often enjoy the company of their family and mutual friends and of course the company of each other. Sofia and Laura love to surround themselves with beautiful things and their home is characterized by their many travels. Sofia has a closet filled with beautiful vintage dresses and shirts which she loves to find when vacationing in Southern France, and Laura has small objects that each tell a story from another part of the world. Meeting Sofia and Laura was such a pleasure for us and we feel inspired by their young, positive and creative minds. They make us remember how we started our own journey and why we are where we are today. The beauty of youth and the gift of knowledge are to be treasured forever. 

Julie & Marie Skall