Skall letter No. 13

Amalie, nature child and mother

Dear friends,

The dream of settling in the middle of nature and far away from the big city lies deep within us and when we meet someone who has actually taken the plunge and done so, we become full of admiration and enthusiasm. This Letter is not only a personal greeting, but also an invitation to live life where it makes the most sense to us. For 26-year-old Amalie Reedtz Thott, it makes sense to live in the middle of nature and she is most comfortable and relaxed when she spends time at the family’s country house at Feddet in South Zealand.

Surrounded by beautiful and wild nature, her father runs an organic farm and Feddet Camping which includes organic apple and blueberry plantations. This is where Amalie, her future husband, Martin and 9-month-old daughter Bobbie live most of the time and when they need a break from their everyday life in Copenhagen. Even though Amalie works as a nurse in Copenhagen, she dreams of living permanently on Feddet close to her horses and the family’s sheep and cows. 

”I grew up on Feddet, in the middle of nature and among a lot of animals. It’s a dream for me to watch my daughter experience the same nature and love for animals as I have myself.”

Amalie radiates an inner calm and she makes her surroundings feel safe and loved. She gives herself time to listen and embrace the things and people around her. She breathes through nature and she walks naturally among animals.

”I love the peaceful atmosphere at Feddet and I love the feeling of having nature just outside my front door. Watching the seasons change gives me a kind of structure in my otherwise busy life where one day quickly takes another.”

The daily routine at Feddet is calm and starts with Amalie doing 30 minutes of yoga while their daughter plays next to her. It is important for Amalie to take good care of herself in order to be a good and strong mother to Bobbie.

“I love good food and my boyfriend is really good at cooking healthy meals for us. We love buying fresh fruits and vegetables from our local Gartner, Vidarslund.” 

It is important to think about the choices we make in life, what we buy, the food we eat and the clothes we wear. But most important for Amalie is to listen to nature and experience the changing seasons of nature.

Animals also have a special place in Amalie’s heart, and she walks with her two horses, Mio and Copaiba as she was one of them. Amalie senses the horses and talks to them with love and respect. 

”I have a close connection with animals and nature. Some would even call me a horse whisperer.”

After having a spent a day at Feddet with Amalie, we feel filled up with good energies and love. The tranquillity of nature we take with us back to the big city and hope it will last for a while. 

Julie & Marie Skall