Skall letter No. 14

Trine Frølich, about love

Dear friends, 

Late September on a beautiful fall day, Stylist and Creative Advisor Trine Frølich exchanged vows with her special someone. Surrounded by friends and family, the ceremony took place on a hilltop in Tuscany, Italy. Being a dear friend - turned collaborator of ours, it only seemed natural to play a small part in the wedding festivities.

Together with Trine, we designed a dress for her to wear at the welcoming party the day before the ceremony. A Skall Signature - simple, yet elegant white linen dress, perfectly complimenting her bubbly personality and the breathtaking scenery. 

The rolling hills of the Tuscan landscape filled with burnt colors and olive gloves, creates the perfect background for the Family-owned villa where the wedding took place. The party as well was infused with Italian charm, live jazz musicians, Italian-style family dinner, a sea of candles, vine from the local fields and dancing until sunrise.

“It so touching to think of all these people we love, being gathered together on this tiny little spot to celebrate our love with us” - Trine Frølich

The newly weds both agreed on that the most important aspect of the wedding – that lasted for no less than 3 days – was to be present in the moment together with their loved ones. The overall atmosphere was very relaxed with room for all the senses to unfold. As we live in a time where almost everything is experienced through the screen, the couple wanted their guests to get a little taste of all the good things in life – real life – and that their senses was indulged and stimulated a bit out of the ordinary. 

Thank you for sharing Trine. 

All the best and with love,
Julie & Marie Skall