Skall letter No. 15

Elisabeth Heier, greetings from the beautiful North

Dear friends, 

As December is coming, we are preparing ourselves for a month of cosiness and joy with our family and friends. It is a special time and we wish to share a special greeting from the Norwegian visual storyteller Elisabeth Heier, who gives us inspiration to a wonderful winter season with beautiful moments.

Elisabeth Heier lives in Oslo where she creates visual stories with design, pictures and words. As for many Scandinavians, Elisabeth grew up close to nature with shifting seasons, and even though she lives in the middle of Oslo today, there is a clear connection between her childhood and her love for materials, natural light and textures.

“I feel closely connected to nature and somehow it makes me feel grounded. I seek to nature, especially to the sea for calmness. For me, my Nordic roots also means I know that achieving what I want takes time and hard work. Being humble and building brick by brick, always true to myself.”

Elisabeth’s career has been a meaningful and exciting journey since she quit her full-time job as an interior designer seven years ago. Working with many inspiring people and companies creating visual story telling through digital media and written content, interior styling, photography and creative direction.  

“When work becomes a lifestyle it’s hard not to work all the time, especially when having a home office. Having children means I have to take time off and there is nothing I am looking forward to more than picking them up at school after work. Running my own business also means I’m quite flexible time wise, and it’s a good thing when having children. I find balancing being a mom and having a career easier now than when I was an employee.” 

With a minimalistic approach on both her personal life and her work, Elisabeth considers sustainability as a natural part of her life, avoiding all that extra and what’s unnecessary in her life. Investing in timelessness and striving for a slower way of life. 

A slow lifestyle is also perfect for the cold winter months, which Elisabeth prefers spending in-doors with lighted candles, wrapped in soft woolen clothes, warming tea, -together with friends or reading a good book. She does also enjoy the beautiful frosty Norwegian landscapes, bright snowy light and crisp air outdoors -mostly with her camera in her hand capturing all the beauty, and as a true Norwegian, she has also taken up skiing lately.

“I always spend Christmas with my family at the farm where I grew up. It’s about an hour by car north of Oslo and my sister and her family, my parents and my grandmother all live up there. It’s always snowy like the childhood Christmases always were and having four generations gathered is really the best thing. Kids running around, lots of food, evenings in front of the fireplace -sounds idyllic, and it is!”

Being the holiday season, a trip to Oslo would be a great idea for a short getaway. We suggest following Elisabeth’s footsteps and perhaps get to know Oslo in a new personal way.  

“My favorite spots in Oslo makes quite a long list. I enjoy so much living here! Picking a few it must be these: 

-The area around Grünerløkka, where Elisabeth lives surrounded by green parks, old industrial buildings and architecture from the late 1800’s. 

-Territoriet, a renowned wine bar with great atmosphere. 

-Bass, a local restaurant with low key atmosphere and amazing food. 

-Concept stores Kollekted By and Houz for interior inspiration. 

-Supreme Roastwork and Tim Wendelboe for the best coffee. 

-Catching the sunset or watch the beautiful view of the harbor and the Opera house from Ekeberg -one of the best views of the City. 

-Ice skating in Studenterlunden followed by hot chocolate or glazed apples at the Christmas market next to the icing rink is a nice thing to do with kids.”

Wishing you a lovely and warm holiday season. 

Julie & Marie Skall