Skall letter No. 20

Emilie Kroyer Koppel - the sweetness of youth and a blossoming talent

Dear friends,

In the wake of a time that has changed our everyday life and kept us from living our life the way we want to; it feels natural to reflect on life and go back to a time when the world stood wide open. In youth, everything is new, and we remember a time with lots of creativity and an open-minded approach on life.

With that kept in mind we meet the 17-year-old actress and movie director Emilie Kroyer Koppel who has caught our eyes with her honest sense of aesthetics and natural creativity. In spite of Emelie’s young age she has already been part of several big movies and directed her own short films. 

“Life experience is important when making movies, but you can also use a feeling that you have experienced yourself by putting the feeling into another character or context, and that way use it as an inspiration. As a teenager, I have some different feelings than I will have when I get older, and that will show in the movies I make, you will feel the narrator behind the story. That’s why it makes sense to me to make movies.”

For Emilie, making movies is all about re-creating reality, and for that reason it is important to be presence in life. One of the first movies that Emilie made Away from the loneliness was inspired by old age which was a subject of her interest after noticing old people in the streets. With a long life ahead of her, there is plenty of time for her to gain new experiences that can feed her creativity and allow her to try out different genres and media. The core of her work will always be to create something that feels natural and honest.


“What movies can do, is that you can be touched, you can feel something, and you can reflect on a topic or discuss something, you can change your view and perspective.”


It is important to Emilie that what she creates should make sense and matter in some way or the other. It is an obligation to have something in your heart to say, a message or a certain mood that you wish to share with an audience so that they will take something with them after watching a movie.

“Some of my favorite movies are Amour, Birdman and After the wedding by Susanne Bier. Amour by Michael Haneke touched me a lot. It’s a movie that inspires me and that has showed me how you don’t always have to entertain and please the audience in order to make a movie interesting. I’m also still listening to the music from that movie.”

It is a gift to meet a young girl with so much creative energy as Emilie. We look forward to following Emilie’s journey in the world of movies and into adulthood which waits ahead, but first she will finish high school, and enjoy her youth and time to experiment with her creativity. It is a time that will never come back, but which we will always think of with sweet memories. 

Julie and Marie Skall