Skall letter No. 22

Josefine Vibe – the silence of the summer house and the generosity of nature

To Data Ethics specialist, model and soon-to-be mother Josefine Vibe, the countryside and the summer house in Tisvildeleje offers a very special peacefulness that recharge her both physically and mentally. The stillness zeroes her system and stimulates her senses to such an extend that she dreams of passing it on to her future daughter. A little girl that is due in August.

“When you live in the city, as my husband Mikkel and I do, it is important to have some small breathing spaces that you can withdraw to and get new energy from. After having spent more time in our summer house, I have become much more aware of the nature and the seasons, all growing wild outside our house. I am enriched by the change of the seasons, noticing the small changes happening every day, every week. Especially spring and summer are fantastic in this area, and I must admit that it becomes more and more difficult to imagine travelling and leaving Denmark, this time of the year. Summer in Denmark means time for preoccupation, and the long hours of the day, with no plans, allow me to bury myself in and spend extra time on all the things that may be difficult to find time to during the weekdays. For instance, having people spending the night, without any deadlines, reading books or spending a full day on an excursion in the summer countryside”, Josefine is telling.

“My day always starts with coffee in bed, served by my husband. To me it is ultimate in luxury to have slow mornings with no stress before we get up. If we have time off, we jump into some relaxing and a pair of rubber boots. We walk through the forest down to the water and after a dip, we stop by the bakery for some bread for breakfast.”

“During the last part of my pregnancy, I have not felt like running, so I have given priority to walking instead, to get fresh air and some exercise. If we have the day off, we may spend most of the afternoon and evening shopping and cooking. We often entertain guests and like to put some energy into the cooking. The area around the summer house is full of small local farms offering the opportunity to buy quality organic produce. One of my favorites is Ørby Gartneri that always sell fruit and vegetables of the season. Outside the main season, you are offered the opportunity of self service in the farm shop.”

When Josefine and Mikkel were looking for a summer house in the summer of 2019, they wanted to find a house as close to the forest, as possible. To them, it is a luxury to be able to walk only a few hundred meters, and get the feeling of being deep into the forest. Tisvilde Hegn is one of the largest areas of forest in the country, and changing drastically, depending on the season. During the season of mushrooms, Josefine likes to take her mushroom knife and go looking for especially chanterelles and Karl Johan, that she may be lucky to find.

“A toast with chanterelles that you have found yourself, is beyond comparison”, she says with a smile, and continues “we make an effort to buy local, organic and free-range in whatever choice for food that we make. In the countryside it is easy to find small local farms that grow the most fantastic vegetables. The local fishmonger sells fish caught in the Kattegat, and the local butcher is selling meat from his own free-range breeding. We are continuously trying to reduce our consumption of meat to live more sustainable, and it is our wish to be able to grow a small range of vegetables in our own greenhouse. The forest and our own land are full of wild food that we like to collect and use. Depending on the season, it is easy to find mushrooms, ramsons, wild herbs, edible flowers, spruce tips, elder flowers and berries in the garden or close to our house. We preserve, salt and store the various things so that we can save the tastes and use them in our cooking, when they are no longer in season”, she explaines.

“Lately I have become crazy about the Ligurian dish Farinata di Ceci, for which I got a recipe by the chef Frederik Bille Brahe. The dish is a mix between a flat bread and a pancake, made of chickpea flour. It’s very simple. You need only chickpea flour, olive oil, water and salt. The topping can be whatever you have in your kitchen and your garden. I normally collect wildflowers and herbs in my garden, chop them and use them as topping. Lately I made them with a mix of wild asparagus, sage, fresh garlic, dill and parsley that are all chopped and used as topping, together with fresh cream cheese from Søtoftes Jordbrug og Gårdmejeri, the best there is."


Farinata Di Ceci

900 ml water

300 gr chickpea flour (most well assorted super markets sell the one from Urtekram)

50 ml olive oil

10 gr salt


Mix water and chickpea flour until there are no lumps. Leave it for 2-6 hours at room temperature

Preheat the oven to 220 degrees

Add salt and half of the olive oil and stir

Pour the 2nd half of the olive oil into a heated baking pan, pour in the dough, be creative when adding the topping, and bake the Farinata for around 20 minutes, until the surface is golden brown. Serve the Farinata warm.

Spending time in the nature gives Josefine an energy that she notices right away. She is a nature lover, spending time outdoors no matter the weather, to relax, exercise or simply being with other people. “It is a relief that everything is so easy and open, so informal. Contrary to the city where the fitnesscenter has fixed opening hours and events are most often associated with an expense, it is less complicated to spend time in the countryside,” she explains.

Josefine is born in Herning and grew up at Funen where she lived close to the forest in a calm environment. Besides that, as a child she and her family have spent all their summer holidays in a family summer house at Fanø, with only 100m to the North Sea. So, even if she loves living in Copenhagen, she has a fundamental calmness of mind inside her that is difficult to find when in the city. Therefore, she is looking very much forward to passing on the peace and quite that she grew up with, to her daughter. “I often experience how time flies, especially when you are busy. Therefore it is my hope to teach her how to find peace of mind through a morning dip and a walk with the sound of birds chirping” she says.

Josefine just started her period of maternity leave and is now looking forward to enjoying the month of July in the summer countryside before she gives birth to her daughter. They intend to use the summer house as their “baby nest” during late summer and autumn.

“It is our dream to put the time on hold, and spend a lot of energy on getting to know the new little human being. After my maternity leave started, I can already feel how a period surrounded by nature and water, gives me a lot. I am quite sure that this feeling will only be even stronger, after giving birth. Contrary to many with whom I have spoken, I have not had that much focus on the event of the birth, but more on giving myself and our child the best of conditions during the time before and after the birth. I am sure that the time after the birth will be filled with happiness and love, but it will also be a big change of life. I have tried to prepare myself for this change by deciding to live temporarily outside the city. It gives me an opportunity to relax more and to focus on the new life ahead of us” she finishes.