Skall letter No. 26

Lone Riis – An age of beauty

Dear friends,

For as long as we remember, we have had a love and passion for all things old and unique. Antique objects, handcrafted furniture and vintage clothing. We are thrilled about the hunt and the joy of finding something special and one-of-a-kind, like a beautiful old chair that is impossible to sit in or a 1930’s velvet silk jacket with fragile lining. The point is that we have put in an effort into finding these objects and that they come with a story. These objects have not been mass-produced and you can not buy something similar anywhere else. They are unique and very often beautifully made in a time where a craftsman or a tailor really put an effort into making some beautiful and long-lasting. 

This passion has a great influence on our work as designers and in our Skall studio collections. We often go back in time and search for inspiration. Whether we find it in art, music or vintage clothing, we look for something unique and something that will inspire us in a way that sometimes can be difficult to find in the modern and at times very streamlined world. 

Long before we moved to Copenhagen, Julie did an internship with a Copenhagen-based designer, and during this period of time we meet Lone Riis in Décor vintage for the first time. It has been almost 15 years, but ever since that first meeting, we both fell in love with Lone’s beautifully decorated vintage shop and Lone’s warm and loving personality. It has not only been a great place for sourcing for inspiration, but also a place for shared interests and talks about the beauty of vintage clothing. For Lone, this passion goes back to her youth when she worked with antiques and was taught how to restore old furniture. But Lone also became a part of the world of fashion when she worked as a mannequin for designers like Jean Voigt. 

“When I was 5 years old, my grandmother bought beautiful textiles and shawls at auction houses that I could play with. I borrowed her old dresser where I folded the door down and played shop. My only costumer was my 6-year older sister who came to the shop and “bought” things from me. She had nothing to say because it was without a doubt me who knew the most.”

Having spent all of her life surrounded by beautiful antiques and vintage clothing, Lone has truly learnt to appreciate good design and handicraft. It has not only been a passion of collecting, but also a business and way of life.

For us, Lone is one-of-a-kind. A unique soul and a person that we feel honored and lucky to know. When we introduced our very first collection for Skall studio Lone was the face of the collection as we chose her to represent the collection not only as a model but also as a woman with an extraordinary personality. We feel grateful to be sharing these new and wonderful pictures of Lone.

With these words we wish you a Merry Christmas

Julie & Marie