Skall letter No. 27

Aamund sisters - Sisterhood

Dear friends,

Growing up with close relationships means a lot to most people. One cold day in December, we visit three wonderful siblings in their childhood home. The air is full of good energy and the smell of Christmas cookies is spreading. There are exactly nine years between Aia, Olivia and Luka Aamund. We talk about how it is to grow up together, three girls.

“Personally, I could not wish for anyone better to grow up with than Olivia and Luka. They are my best friends, and we share so many good memories. Perhaps the fact that we are all girls, means that we can share both experiences and interests, even though we are of so different age”, says Aia and Luka continues “I feel that people are often thinking “oh my god – three girls that must really cause trouble”, but even though problems may occur sometimes, it is just so great to be three girls – we take an interest in many of the same things, we share interests. But most important, I know that they are there for me always, if I need some good advice, as they have most probably experienced the same things, as I do”. 

We nod our agreement, while the girls elaborate on their sense of the strength of being three women. 

“Generally, I think that women are good at listening, understanding and showing empathy – at least, this is how we are to each other. It means a lot that you always have someone that pays attention and cares to listen, even though it may be trivial everyday issues” says Aia.

“The other day, for instance, I felt really bad because I had an allergic reaction, as I am allergic to perfume. Immediately Aia and Luka were there to cheer me up and make me laugh. Even though it’s just a small thing, I do feel so grateful that they are there for me. Whether we go through tough periods of times, or we feel sad about small things in your everyday life, I can really feel how close we are. In situations like these, I do feel so lucky” Olivia explains.

It is so great to feel the close ties that the girls have. We have ourselves always been very close, and maybe we would not have had the courage to start up Skall Studio, without each other. We start to talk about the situations in which they feel the strongest tie.

“I feel that we are most connected when we spend a lot of time together, which we have actually always done. The cool thing about our big difference in age is that our ties have changed a lot throughout our childhood and now (more or less) adulthood. When we were younger, I was more like the big sister, most of the times, but now we are more on the same level and take an interest in the same things and have a lot of things in common” Aia explains and Luka continues “I really feel a close connection all the time as we are good at keeping in touch, which I think is very important. At times when I am tired of our parents, I know that I have two extra homes that will always accept me, and that makes me happy. I almost feel that we have come even closer during the years, even though we live in different places”.

The talk continues while we enjoy the “kanelsnurrer”,and reach the big things in life that the girls can still look forward to experience together. “I know for sure that when we become old and grey, and have a lot of kids running around, we will be in it together” Luka explains. Both older sisters agree. “We often talk about all the big things in life that we can still look forward to and that all our children must of course be best friends. It is not just nice to look forward to and to talk about, but also comforting to know that we will always be there for each other in what ups and downs life may bring. Many siblings move away from each other when they grow older and have their own families. We have agreed to put much energy into avoiding that this should happen to us. We have already planned Sunday dinners for the whole family and agreed to treasure the gift of being three girls”.

“To keep the good relationship as sisters it is very important to spend quality time together and to create mutual memories. This is exactly what I find special about being siblings and grow up together – and why you often understand each other much better than anyone else does. But I also think it is important to respect our differences and not always compare with each other” Aia finishes.

We nod our agreement and thank the girls for their nice reflections about being sisters. Especially the importance of giving priority to quality time with each other and to create mutual memories. Let us all remember to focus on and nourish what is near and dear to us. We are looking forward to creating new experiences and new shared adventures in 2021.

We wish you and your dear ones a happy New Year. 

Julie & Marie Skall