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Line Dahy Ernst

Small greetings


Line Dahy Ernst has always worked within the creative field, but two years ago she decided to do something else. She wanted to make a real difference and soon found out that she wanted to become a nurse. To Line it was a natural choice as her mother is a nurse and she grew up with her mother’s dedication towards this.

However, as Line started to study it became clear to her that she still needed to nurture her creativity. This was how her small stationery business took off. Line has always enjoyed writing cards, but always struggled to find cards that would live up to her standards. So together with her husband Thomas who is an art director she crated a small range of personalized stationery. The Litho stationery is made for small greetings that can have a great impact.

“I don’t believe that we can save the long letter correspondences. I rather believe in small greetings that can add a little extra.”


“For instance, if you have received a gift, it is much more sophisticated to send a card greeting rather than a text message. If I receive a gift without a card, I feel that something is missing. It is the little things that matter,” says Line.


No doubt that there are many values connected to handwriting. Which specific values does Line want to hold on to?

“The last year we have all been very separated from each other, but we need each other more than ever. To write a card requires an extra effort compared to writing a text message. I think it is an important value to hold on to. It is the same as making a teaser letter or going to the theater. It also requires an extra effort. However, you will get something special in return. I believe we live in a time where it is more important than ever to create something that will last and to make an effort,” says Line who has kept all her old letters to her grandmother.


“To write a card or even a letter is a good way to hold on to memories.”

Line grew up with small notes and greetings:

“My mother has always made small handwritten notes and card greetings. She has the most beautiful handwriting and has always made an effort out of her cards. This is something she has passed on to me,” says Line who also reveals that Litho stands for Line and Thomas and at the same time refers to the word lithograph. She adds:

“I think we have tapped into something essential right now, where small details have gained new attention. To write a greeting makes the gift more personal and indicates that what you pass on matters to you.”


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